2019 Budget

Stonebridge Homeowners Association

Projected 2019 Budget

Prepared by HOA President, Phill Leslie and passed by the HOA Board


Utilities: KCP&L and Water $1,700


HOA Insurance: $1,545


Taxes/Mo Report/Liens: $600

Prepare 2017 and 2018 Taxes


Storage Unit Rental: $790

(or $1,800 if HOA Board in 2019 approves storage shed installation

to eliminate future storage unit fees)


Capital Improvements for Entrances/Pond Area: $1,000

Install 2 benches around pond, replacement of pond area signs and

two "Drive Slow" kids signs


Sterling Industries Complete Landscaping Care: $5,567


Newsletters/Flyers/Contest Certificates etc.: $200


Annual HOA Block Party: $3,000


Aquatic Environment Specialists = Pond Maintenance: $2,700


HOA Meetings/Board Ink: $500


Annual HOA Dumpster Day: $600


HOA Website: $326.96


Homes Associations of Kansas City Cost: $2,901


Total Projected 2019 Budget $21,429.96

(or $23,229.96 if storage shed is approved)


Projected Income for 2019 $25,800

(If all 215 homeowners pay their HOA Dues)