2021 Budget

Stonebridge Owners Association

Projected 2021 Budget

“Prepared by HOA President, Phill Leslie and passed

by the HOA Board on December 9th 2020”


Utilities: KCP&L and Water $1,500


HOA Insurance: $1,850


Taxes/Mo Report/Liens: $300

Prepare 2020 Taxes


Capital Improvements for Entrances/Pond Area: $3,000

Re-rocking around pond edge, fountain repair of lights and

other repairs necessary to common area


J's Lawn Enforcement = Complete Landscaping Care: $5,300

Lawn mowing, trimming, chemical application, flower beds, mulching,

stick pick up, spraying of weeds in rocks, etc.

Keller Custom = Irrigation System Operation: $400

HOA Board Administrative Cost: $600

Newsletters, flyers, contest certificates, board Ink, HOA meetings cost,

website, Zoom meetings, etc.


Annual HOA Block Party: $2,500


Aquatic Environment Specialists = Pond Maintenance: $3,600


Annual HOA Dumpster Day: $1,350

Legal Services: $2,000

Legal action to collect delinquent dues


Homes Associations of Kansas City Administrative Cost: $3,300


Total Projected 2021 Budget: $25,700

Projected Income from dues for 2021 set at $130 per lot $27,950

(If all 215 homeowners pay their HOA Dues)