Bill Pay

As mentioned in the March 2018 meeting minutes, Homes Associations of Kansas City is now handling many of the administrative duties for Stonebridge Owners Association, and this includes the collection of dues. Please look for the "Pay Online" link on their site if you wish to pay your HOA dues electronically, or you may click here.


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The Stonebridge HOA 2022 dues are $136.50.  Stonebridge homeowners will be able to pay by e-check, Paypal or credit card online or mail a check to Homes Associations of Kansas City. The transaction fees varies by online payment method, with e-check (ACH) being the least expensive. If you choose to pay online, the fee for e-check (ACH) is $2.95. If you use credit card or PayPal, the fee is 3%. As always, you may still pay through the mail and not incur an additional fee.