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Frequently Asked Questions

How many homes are part of the Stonebridge neighborhood? There are 215 homes that make up Stonebridge Owners Association.

How much are the Home Owners Association dues?  The dues are currently $150.48 (or 2024) a year. For more information on how to pay your HOA dues, please go to our Bill Pay page

When are the annual homeowners dues due?  The dues are due once a year on March 15th of any given year.

What are these dues used for?  The pond area uses a significant amount of our dues money. The area must be mowed and flowers must be maintained. The HOA also uses this money to pay utilities of the common areas, carry insurance on the neighborhood, the block party, the neighborhood garage sale, dumpster day, taxes, and various other items.

How can I get involved with the association?  The board has an open every other month  board meeting and an annual meeting that is announced at least 30 days prior to the date. At the annual meeting, all board members are elected and the projected budget is presented for the next year. Every homeowner is invited and encouraged to attend and be a part of every HOA meeting. 

What events does the HOA sponsor?  A yearly HOA block party, neighborhood garage sale weekend, dumpster day,  bi-monthly contest all summer for the best lawn, October contest for the best decorated house for Halloween and December contest for the best decorated houses for Christmas. 

How can I make a recommendation?  Please email  the board at 

Where can I find the By-Laws and Declaration of Covenants?  The By-Laws can be found here or under the menu at the left; the Declaration of Covenants can be found here or also at under the menu at the left.

I heard there's a company that will provide a discount for trash service for our subdivision. Is that true? Yes, the company is GFL (Green For Life Environmental ) and you can find more info on our Discounted Trash Service page

What are the most common complaints that the HOA receives?  Trash... RVs/Boats...Not picking up dog waste. Trash per the City of Blue Springs can only be visible on the front of a house on trash day and must be within five feet of the house. This is a very common problem. We get many letters about neighbors who leave trash container outside all of the time. RVs and boats are not supposed to be parked in driveways or along streets overnight. This is probably our second biggest complaint. 

I am thinking of painting my house. Do I need to tell anyone?  Yes, painting, deck, shed and fence construction or modifications are just some of the things that are restricted by our HOA. Written notification can be made to the board which includes a simple plan of the project and/or paint colors. The board will discuss and approve within 30 days and usually much faster. 

Can I fish in the pond?  Yes, as a resident of Stonebridge you can fish in the pond. We treat the pond with chemicals to help maintain it. These chemicals are considered perfectly safe for the fish in the pond. We would recommend against eating the fish, but have never heard of any problems. We prefer a catch and release plan. The pond is on a regular stocking plan.  NOTEWe have had several instances where fishing line has become tangled in the fountain motor, requiring expensive repairs. Care should be taken to keep away from the fountain and its pump.

Are boats allowed in the pond?  No personal watercrafts are allowed in the pond. Swimming in the pond or walking on the ice is strictly prohibited . 

I have a question not answered above, what should I do?  Send an email to the board at and we will respond as soon as possible.

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